TRS-Engineering offers varieties of commercial kitchen equipment with excellent quality and affordable prices in the market including baking equipment, refridgerator, gas/electric cooking equipment, stainless stain equipment, and many more! 

Electric Oven

Model: HEO-22

Machine Size: 880x580x770mm

Packing Size: 930x650x790mm

Volts: 220-240V/50Hz

Power: 6.4KW

N/W: 60Kg


Model: HEO-24

Machine Size: 1280x815x1260mm

Packing Size: 1270x890x1290mm

Volts: 220-240V/380Hz

Power: 13.2KW

N/W: 140Kg


Model: HEO-26

Machine Size: 1650x815x1260mm

Packing Size: 1670x890x1290mm

Volts: 220-240V/50Hz

Power: 250KW

N/W: 120Kg