About Us

TRS Electrical Engineering are committed to giving the best service when it comes to servicing & repairing kitchen equipment in Malaysia. We are also committed to offering transparent pricing and value for money with excellent customer service. We have a highly trained team covering most areas. We offer competitive callout charge and are available weekends.

At TRS Electrical Engineering, we pride ourselves on our honesty – you will not pay a penny if a penny does not need to be spent!

If your existing commercial kitchen equipment can be repaired, we will tell you rather than ‘upselling’ brand new replacements which are not necessary and will of course ruin your budget.

We also advise if the equipment is becoming beyond economic repair and work with you to recommend viable options always being mindful of your budget and looking to save you money.

Only fully qualified engineers are part of the team when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment repairs and refrigeration repair service, with ongoing training and investment to keep them up to date with all qualifications, this makes us the best at what we do.

We offer Planned Maintenance Contracts for all of the equipment in your commercial kitchen. We can also customize Maintenance Programs to include quarterly inspections to full kitchen coverage.

Our customers include restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools, and institutions throughout Malaysia.

We are confident that once you try us you won’t be disappointed.

Manufacturers that we work with


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