TRS-Engineering offers varieties of commercial kitchen equipment with excellent quality and affordable prices in the market including baking equipment, refridgerator, gas/electric cooking equipment, stainless stain equipment, and many more! 

Gas Griddle (2/3Flat,1/3Grooved) With Gas/Electric Oven

Model: HGR-913/9138

Dimension: 800x900x920mm

Griddle Size: 702x612x16mm

Oven Dimensions: 550x680x270mm

LPG2800-3700Pa: 1.25Kg/h

NG2000-2500Pa: 1.77m3/h

Power Supply: 11.8+5.8KW


Model: HGR-713A

Dimension: 700x750x920mm

Griddle Size: 625x496x20mm

Oven Dimensions: 560×600.70mm

LPG2800-3700Pa: 1.22Kg/h

NG2000-2500Pa: 1.86rn3th

Power Supply: 11.8+5.8KW